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      When will a truck break the ice?

      We all know there's an increasing risk of vehicles falling through thin ice now that March is near, but some people are actually betting on when a certain truck will fall through.

      The Bark River Lions Club is taking bets on the hour, minute, and second the truck will plunge through Little Bay de Noc in Escanaba.

      Raffle tickets can be purchased at several locations, including Mr. Tire, Delta Floral, and the Escanaba Chamber of Commerce. The money raised will benefit the MGH Cancer Treatment Center.

      "Whether it's through a dive team or we wench it out of here, it's totally going to get rebuilt, and we're going to race it at the August race and hopefully race this one to the top of the podium," said Toby Kuivinen from the Bark River Lions Club. "It's something to keep people going through wintertime and drive by the Escanaba park and check it out."

      The drawing ends on March 15. The winner will receive 35 percent of the proceeds raised and four weekend passes to the races this summer.