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      Where are the worst roads?

      During this time of year potholes reappear causing roads to break up, but where are the worst roads?

      We asked that question on Facebook and received quite the response.

      "All Ironwood roads and streets," said Facebook fan Bob Ellsworth.

      What does the Michigan Department of Transportation say? MDOT officials say U.P. roads are currently at about 85 percent good, but because road funding has gone down, the repair system is declining. However, they also say this year's conditions aren't as bad as in years past, when some potholes were eight inches deep.

      When asked about where the worst roads are, Facebook fans also mentioned US-41 between Marquette and Harvey, Seventh Street in Calumet, and Brockton Road in Marquette Township. We also received many comments that agreed with Bob Ellsworth, regarding Ironwood roads.

      "Ironwood's back roads are horrible," said Facebook fan Dyonne Jo Nurmi. "You cannot even go for a run or walk at night without falling in a pothole."

      An MDOT official says the problem with fixing poor roads is the cost.

      "You can't spend all your money on the poor roads," said Randy VanPortfliet of MDOT. "It just costs too much if you let them get into that condition. It costs seven to eight times as much if you don't take care of them in that fair condition."

      This year MDOT plans to invest nearly $50 million to repair more than 200 miles of U.P. highways and bridges.

      If there are some roads you would like to express your opinions about, post a comment below and tell us what you think.

      (Gabriella DeLuca contributed to this article.)