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      Where can you find art that's one of a kind?

      The Bonifas Fine Arts Center is considered a jewel in Escanaba as a place for people to embrace art. "We have offerings applying one's own creative abilities, and you don't have to be a professional," said Pettey Semmens, volunteer. It's been around since the early '70s and has grown to have two art galleries and an exhibit room. Every year they host eight different exhibits. The current exhibit is Youth in Art. They have 650 pieces all created from at least 400 kids from Delta and Menominee counties. "You can walk in and see something very modern and different, and you can walk in, see something that's beautiful--pictures of the U.P.--or you can walk in and see explosions of color all over the place," said Molly Larsen, Director. They have more than just art. It's also a place where they host events with musicians. They have at least 50 classes that range from all sorts of painting styles, arts and crafts, to belly dancing. Now they are expanding with outreach programs. "We have been able to reach out to under-served clients, like Alzheimer's and memory-handicapped elder adults, bringing them into the arts center and give them a chance to experience the moment what art is," Larsen said. However, what also makes them stand out is having the Players De Noc Theater in the building. It's a community theater where anyone can participate in a show. "We do material to try to attract some younger people as well because that's the life blood of continuing it. It's unique to have a hundred percent volunteer theater organization," said Cathy Wilson, Players De Noc. Whether it's for the artwork, the social environments or the performing arts, this makes the Bonifas center a community jewel. Click here for more information: