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      Where do you get your weather?

      NOAA weather radio is still one of the most reliable sources for weather information. But these days, cell phones and tablets make keeping up with the weather easier than ever. Many phones now come with a weather widget already installed, and there are countless easy-to-use weather apps available for download through your service provider.

      However, many of those apps use raw model output and statistics and sometimes there is not a lot of actual meteorology involved. So the end result may sometimes be less than accurate, especially when severe weather hits.

      Some of the best weather websites and apps offer severe weather alerts and forecasts that are tailored for your area, and they are updated throughout the day! Weather forecasts on the TV6 weather app are carefully thought out by meteorologists in the TV6 Weather Center. As a result, youâ??ll be in tune with more of the finer weather elements that affect you and your family.

      You might be surprised by some of the other places you'll find that help you keep tabs on the latest weather. Social media has become an excellent source. Places like Facebook and Twitter are just a click away and many times you'll find pictures and stories that you'd never get from an app.

      But if you're one of those die-hards that don't like the idea of a newsfeed, you can rest easy knowing that television and radio are still rock solid sources.

      If you do find yourself without TV, our website, always has all the latest weather info, including radar and severe weather alerts, and there's even a video that gets updated twice a day by your favorite TV6 meteorologists!