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      Where do your Loyal Tees lie?

      T he U.P. is full of small businesses, all with their own unique services or products, that keep customers coming back.

      A nd Loyal Tees, a screen printing business in downtown Marquette, is one of a kind.

      "Working with Loyal Tees is great. I bring stuff in and drop it off, and a lot of times they do it in-house here. Sometimes they're working with other vendors and usually within a couple days we get a call back," said frequent customer Jeff LaValley, Checker Cab employee.

      "They know what works. They were able to take my logo and add a little bit of a gradient to it, which I had a difficult time having anybody else do. So they were able to have a graphic artist help me out. It really put a little extra touch to my logo, which was really important to me," said frequent customer Theresa Coates, Owner/Operator of Cycle Soleil.

      It may look like your typical small business on the outside.

      But once you step inside, you'll realize that's not the case.

      Loyal Tees lives by the motto, "If you can wear it, they can print it."

      Brandon Sayen says his business, Loyal Tees, started three years ago with a close friend.

      After they acquired many loyal customers, the friends decided to move to a larger location to set up shop.

      Marquette's Masonic Building became the new home of Loyal Tees.

      Loyal Tees does three different types of printing on clothing and other items: Silk screen printing, embroidery, and one other type that makes them unique from other apparel printing shops.

      "We do something that's a little bit newer technology. It's called Super Hold, and the Super Hold services that we offer, that's really the big hitter. That's about, I'd say, 80 percent of our business, and basically what that does is it allows the customer the ability to not have to worry about buying in bulk," said Sayen.

      And that is another unique option Loyal Tees offers to their customers.

      The owner say customers no longer have to buy in bulk to save a buck.

      Consumers have the option of buying just one or two items and paying the same lower price the item would be, had it been ordered in bulk.

      The majority of Loyal Tees customers are organizations, schools, and fundraising groups.

      But Sayen says he is always ready to cater to anyone that might need a special logo emblazoned on a shirt for a one-of-a-kind look.