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      Where to canoe in the U.P.

      Grab a paddle, a buddy, and a canoe and you've got yourself a great day of U.P. summer fun.

      As one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world, Lake Superior may seem like an obvious choice for a canoe outing, but the outdoor experts at Downwind Sports say think again.

      "An open boat like a canoe is really hard to paddle on Lake Superior unless you're an experienced paddler and take safety precautions, so inland waters are obviously more protected," explained Bill Thompson, co-owner of Downwind Sports.

      Luckily the U.P. is dotted with numerous inland lakes and rivers.

      Viewer Doris Newhouse shared her favorite spot, writing on TV6's Facebook page, "AuTrain is my favorite. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the entertainment is first class."

      Mike Reynolds owns one of the two canoe rental shops along the river, and he says the scenery is second to none.

      "It's a very slow, meandering river, there's beautiful song birds all along the trail, and wildlife all the way down the river," said Reynolds.

      Head over to the western part of the U.P. and you'll find the Sylvania Wilderness Area nestled in the Ottawa National Forest.

      "Sylvania is kind of an undiscovered place to explore," Thompson said. "It's a lot of inland lakes that's connected with portage trails. You can do some fishing there, you can do camping, it's just a wonderful place to go canoeing."

      No matter how experienced of a canoer you are, it is always recommended to wear a life jacket.