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      Where to get scared this Halloween season

      The Halloween season is approaching, and we took a look at some popular choices for scares this October.

      In Marquette, the Moosewood Nature Center is getting ready to hold its annual Haunted Bog Walk beginning on October 25. Those on the walk experience a series of frights from zombies, ghouls and swamp people.

      Also in Marquette, students at Northern Michigan University are getting ready to put on their haunted theater. Those who attend the adult version, beginning also on October 25, can expect to encounter some zombies.

      "I know that we've got a lot of different actors at a lot of different stations," said NMU student Meghan Marquardt. "So you will walk through it like it's a haunted house. The stage will be transformed, so you won't really see any part of the theater. It's nice and dark with a lot of spooky sound effects!"

      On our Facebook page, many viewers showed interest in the Haunted Acres Spooktacular in Germfask, but feel free to leave your favorite place for a scare in the comments below.