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      Where to toss your beach towel in the U.P.

      With over 18,000 miles of shoreline to choose from, it's hard to narrow down the best place to jump into Lake Superior.

      For those looking for more of an outdoor excursion, check out Little Presque Isle in Marquette Township, but beware of the riptides!

      "Little Presque Isle is a great adventure," said Debbie Munson Badini, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. "A lot of people will wade across from the beach over to the island, but the beach itself is beautiful. There are blueberries that grow down there. It's just a real fun way to spend the day, especially when it's hot!"

      Head east on M-28 and to find another popular spot in Chocolay Township. The beach is a great pit-stop for motorists and offers a spectacular view of Marquette.

      Those looking for more of a leisurely experience should head further down the road.

      Viewer Arin Lara wrote on our Facebook page: "In AuTrain by the bridge on M-28, you can either swim in the AuTrain River or Lake Superior! There's a great view, it's beautiful and most importantly, it's clean."

      The DNR asks beachgoers to leave the area the way they found it.

      "It's technically not legal to pick up driftwood and other things like that," Badini said. "They're there for everybody to enjoy, and we sure hope that people aren't going to be littering. It's good to pick up your garbage and bring it home with you."