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      Which bug repellant works: chemical or non-chemical?

      Don't let the mosquitoes prevent you from enjoying the U.P. summer.

      Some people prefer all natural when it comes to repelling these pesky critters. Citronella plants can be placed around a patio. They smell like lemon, and plant experts say they're easy to maintain.

      â??You water it as much as it needs it,â?? explains Chrysta Christensen, General Manager of Flinn's Flowers & Garden Center. â??Give it good soil, good sun, and just let it do its thing."

      These natural repellants are in high demand by customers, but there are other choices to choose from.

      â??We also have some mints, which also would help in with repelling not only insects, but deer and rabbit because they don't like the smell so much," Christensen says.

      Others choose the ever-popular wipes and mosquito sprays.

      "Some of them, you just don't want to get on your skin,â?? says Glen Taylor, owner of Melâ??s Lawn Garden & Feed Center. â??They can kind of give you a tingly feeling. I know some people have complained about Deet before, that it makes your face swell up a little bit. Itâ??s just not really that good for you."

      And if you check out the ingredients, these non-chemical choices even contain ingredients that come from nature, like Citronella.

      Taylor says products with Deet do seem to be more effective. However, more customers purchase Liquid Net in a spray or wipe, which contains no chemical repellants.