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      Which vacuum cleans the best?

      Vacuums can be worthwhile investments if you know which one to choose. Between bagless and bag vacuums, experts say if you want a dependable vacuum, go for a bagged one. It traps the dirt, and you can simply throw away the bag.

      Dan Bender is the owner of Quality Sew & Vac. He says the more expensive a vacuum, the better it is.

      â??A higher quality vacuum is much easier to use,â?? says Bender. â??Therefore you'll use it more and have a cleaner house."

      According to him, the inexpensive ones will last you two to five years. But what's the life of a higher priced one?

      â??They're going to last you, depending on the model, 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. I have ones that come back and have been around 25 to 30 years," Bender adds.

      The store carries vacuums priced as high as $600. Others cost a lot less.

      They carry a canister vacuum priced at $99. Itâ??s the most affordable vacuum in the store. It weighs about 13 pounds and has a wand that makes it easy to vacuum under places like beds. More features do equal more options.

      But some say vacuuming will never be one of their pastimes.

      â??It's not really enjoyable,â?? admits Escanaba resident, Josh Barron. â??It's not something I do in my spare time, but like anything, you have to be clean. You have to be sanitary."

      Barron has had his for about four years.

      â??I'm satisfied with the one I got, but if I find a good one on sale, Iâ??m willing to upgrade, absolutely," Barron says.

      There are vacuums to suit all cleaning needs, from switching from cleaning carpet to hardwood, and even ones that can turn their motor speed down.