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      Who can you trust when you plan your estate?

      Seniors in Gwinn got a chance to hear from the State Bar of Michigan about who they can turn to for estate planning.

      The presentation is called "Who should you trust". It's touring the state of Michigan in the hopes of educating seniors about a number of scams that exist.

      Some of the basic rules of thumb include never giving out personal information on the phone and consulting an attorney before making any decisions.

      "Our senior population is such a trusting population because they do just trust everybody that comes in their path, and we have to learn that that is no longer the way of our world and that we have to change our thought process and have our guard up at all times, unfortunately," said Julie Shaw, the Director of the Forsyth Township Senior Center.

      The program started due to the high number of complaints regarding fraud and misleading information that aims to separate seniors from their savings.

      Seniors also received a useful information packet that included information on living trusts, estate planning, and power of attorney documents.