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      Who cut the cheese?

      They call her "The Cheese Lady," and she's coming to the U.P. She's a professional cheese sculptor who creates beautiful works of art from giant blocks of cheese. Who cut the cheese? Sarah Kaufmann does it for a living. She's "The Cheese Lady." She travels the country carving enormous cheese sculptures. In a couple weeks, she'll be carving a new sculpture at the U.P. State Fair of a farmer and his family out of a 640-pound cheddar cheese block. It will be her first time at the fair. "I love to go to new places, and I'm always open for adventures, and going up to the U.P., I love it," said Kaufmann over the phone. She is currently attending the Indiana State Fair. The 640 pounds of cheese come from 6,400 pounds of Upper Michigan-produced milk. The U.P. sculpture will also involve a few surprises. A native cheesehead from Wisconsin, Kaufmann has been carving since 1996. She uses standard carving tools for ceramics. In this 2011 time lapse video, she carved a Guinness World Record for the largest cheese sculpture ever, weighing in at 925 pounds. She says people everywhere want to get up close and personal with her cheese. "The first thing they'll do is come around and go, 'Whoa, is that real cheese?' They're always awed...They always want to take a picture with the cheese, so it's always a fun and good experience," Kaufmann said. The 2013 U.P. State Fair will take place from August 12 to 18 in Escanaba. The Cheese Lady will be carving her sculpture from August 12-15.