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      Who do you think will be the next State Rep. for the 108th District?

      Tuesday, November 6 marks a monumental day: Election Day.

      One important race is for State Representative in the 108th District. Sharon Gray is running against Ed McBroom, who currently holds the position.

      McBroom has a background in teaching. He says education funding was one of the critical things he was able to work on. He's hoping to continue work on flexibility for high school students in their curriculum.

      â??This year, when we were able to do a significant increase in funding,â?? explains McBroom, â??we were able to put all of that towards schools at the bottom of the formula, schools that are like ours in the Upper Peninsula."

      McBroom also wants to work on reforms for the Michigan No-Fault Auto system. He wants to prevent losing residents to other states because Michiganâ??s auto insurance is becoming very expensive.

      His opponent, Sharon Gray, has worked in public accounting for the last 17 years. She says she wants to create a better small business climate in the district and help working families and our educational system.

      â??I definitely would not balance the budget on the backs of our senior citizens and our working family and children's education as my opponent did,â?? explains Gray. â??It was simply a tax shift from business onto the backs of our working families and senior citizens."

      Gray says if elected, she'd like to repeal the new harmful pension tax that was placed on senior citizens. She also wants to find ways to restore funding for kids' education. Gray says anytime you balance a budget on a state level, you have to remember that there are people behind those numbers.

      Statewide, the polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. on Election Day.