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      Who makes the best pizza?

      The search for the best pizza in Marquette was held at the Jacobetti Complex Monday night. Domino's pizza was declared the best in the hometown taste off. The Public Relations Students Society of America hosted the event.

      They rounded up local pizza vendors, including Main Street Pizza, Pizza Hut, Domino's and Toarmina's. People paid five dollars at the door and got to determine whose pizza came out on top.

      "It's the first time running something like this. It's a brand new, fresh idea for us to run, and it's pretty cool, and so far it's been really successful and we're really excited to run it," said PRSSA organizer Abbie Beekman. "We're trying to raise more awareness for PRSSA and what we do as an organization and also try to raise more money for the Children's Museum."

      The money PRSSA raised at Monday's event is all going to the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum. The event was such a success, they plan to make this an annual event.