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      Why is underage drinking so popular?

      The Monday Facebook Story of the Day is about underage drinking--what's so appealing and what are some of the consequences?

      Underage drinking is a problem in many communities across the country, but particularly in areas, such as Marquette or Houghton, that contain universities.

      Curiosity or a desire to fit in are common reasons for underage drinkers or perhaps to feel better or enhance their emotions.

      Health officials say overdose, injuries due to accidents, and engaging in risky behaviors are all consequences of all drinkers but are more likely to happen in inexperienced drinkers.

      "Especially those who don't have a lot of drinking experience," said Lenny Shible of NMU Health Promotions. "When they get exposed to drinking opportunities and they're with other people who seem to have lots more experience with their drinking, it's easy to get caught up in drinking too much, too fast, and those kind of challenges put people at risk."

      The fines and court costs associated for a minor in possession of alcohol is $250 on the first offense, $310 for the second, and $500 for the third.