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      Why not build your own man cave?

      The typical "man cave" is much different than it used to be.

      What was once just a room where men would go to escape has now become its own separate home or an extension of the home they already own.

      Interior designer Karen Larson said clients come in all the time hoping to build the perfect man cave.

      "They're an extension of their interests. I've been in two most recently where they're car collectors, and so the collection has a lower level and their man cave tree fort, I call it, is upstairs," said Larson.

      Man caves do not come cheap, and even though it depends on the space you are trying to fill, they can run anywhere from $5,000 or more.

      "Another feature that's very popular is the integrated refrigeration. You're not going to see where the refrigerator is; we try to bury it into the design. This is a 27'' sub zero refrigerator. It's got full overlay, great in a man cave," Larson said.

      For men interested in wall decor or signage, if you have your own picture, Mark Pynnonen of Signs Now can recreate it.

      "We can take from those photographs and insert certain images or Photoshop, so to speak, as we've done on the wall here. We took a national picture that was not copyrighted and then we inserted local customers into it to give it a different feel and a different flair," said Pynnonen.

      Custom lettering starting at $15 can also be added to any wall.

      "A lot of what we've done on the lower end or simpler is just some vinyl cut lettering saying 'Joe's Bar' or 'Dave's Man Cave', Pynnonen said.

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