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      Why parents choose pediatric chiropractors for their children

      When parents hear the words "pediatric chiropractics," oftentimes the first question to arise in their mind is, "why would my child need a chiropractor?"

      "For infants, it's usually birth traumas and birth interventions which can come from a lot of different areas. It can come from cesarean sections, or it can come from any kind of birth intervention that changes natural birth, if there's any pulling on the head or the neck, and that can impact the spine," said Dr. Brandon Turino, Owner/Chiropractor at Integrated Wellness Chiropractic.

      Parents bring their children in to a chiropractor for different types of injuries as well, such as a bad fall or trouble breastfeeding.

      Dr. Turino says he has also seen improvements in children with autism and ADHD as a result of pediatric chiropractic care.

      Shiloh is only five weeks old, and he had his very first adjustment moments after he was born.

      However, the topic brings about a lot of controversy.

      "No, I mean they're going through their growth at this point and messing with their spine at such a young age just doesn't make sense to me," said Jodi Vallance, a stepmother.

      "We had our young son adjusted at eight weeks old. He saw our chiropractor and he looked him over, so I actually think it's a really good thing," said Brandon DeCremer, a father of one.

      From a medical standpoint, most doctors still believe medicine is the best medicine for children's ailments, not chiropractics.

      But there are some doctors who believe in all types of healthcare.

      "I actually promote people seeking other kinds of care, in part because I think there's value in it, and in part because I recognize that no one office has all the answers," said Dr. Scott Doughty, a Family Medical Doctor at Marquette Family Medicine Residency.

      At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer to whether a chiropractor or medical doctor is best.

      All that matters is who you trust and feel most comfortable with as your child's healthcare provider.