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      WI deer season this coming weekend

      Wisconsin residents will soon get their opportunity to hunt this coming weekend as their season opener starts on Saturday, November 23. DNR officials are making sure hunters get a brush-up on hunting safety tips.

      Wardens and officials want to remind Wisconsin hunters that 50 percent of clothing above the waist must be blaze orange; also, it is illegal to have a loaded firearm in any vehicle at any time. Similarly, safety includes how you interact with others.

      â??We do a lot of complaints of hunter harassment, so maybe conflicts of two hunters,â?? said DNR official, Dustin Gabrielson. â??These conflicts are probably over hunting spots or whatever it might be. We just ask people that when it comes to hunting season, never escalate a situation with someone with a firearm. If there is a conflict, back out, call the appropriate law enforcement, and we'll come and handle the situation.â??

      Many other deer hunting regulations and rules can be found in this document on the DNR website . If youâ??d like to report any activity to DNR officials, they encourage you to call 1-800-TIP-WDNR, where you may remain anonymous.