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      Wiederrecht running for Kingsford City Council

      With elections happening on November 5, the Kingsford City Council is seeing four candidates running for the two open seats. One candidate vying for a spot is Mark Wiederrecht.

      Wiederrecht has lived in the area for over 30 years and is a small business owner of a carpet, tile, and hobby store. He said he's running because he's frustrated with the way the council has been handling issues. â??I believe the city is in need of changes so we can develop and grow and become a more vibrant community,â?? said Wiederrecht.

      One specific issue he would like to see brought to completion is consolidation of police and fire services in Iron Mountain and Kingsford. Talks of such a consolidation have recently been stalled, but he said itâ??s nonetheless an issue that needs addressing. â??Many of the people I have spoken to have all agreed with me about the consolidation of the two cities, the police forces and the fire department, and when it comes to the cities themselves,â?? Wiederrecht said. â??The duplicity of services needs to be eliminated. The money that we could save and the improvements we could do to this city would be extraordinary.â??