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      Wiffle Ball tournament in Hermansville

      The third annual Polfus Wiffle Ball Field Tournament started as a few friends playing ball in their yard.

      It has become an eight team tournament with teams from Escanaba, Kingsford, Gladstone and more.

      16 year old Seth Polfus and family built a full wiffle ball field in their yard.

      The field is complete with bases, fences, and even a pool in left field.

      He then invited friends to come over and start a wiffle ball tournament.

      "It's awesome to have all my friends over, I know all these kids from baseball from basketball and I mean you've got people in the pool cheering on all the teams and its a fun time all day long." said Polfus.

      The first and second place teams of four receive T-shirts as well as the home run champion title.

      The tournament costs $4 per player and the home rund derby is $1.

      Seth says he hopes to expand to ten teams next year.