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      Wild blueberries are looking good!

      This year's blueberry crops are looking good in the U.P.!

      The local Department of Natural Resources offices are reporting wild blueberry bushes are having a lot of green berries popping up. This is a good sign of a fruitful crop.

      Wild blueberries are generally in their prime from late July into early August and are considered sweeter than farm-grown berries because of their skin which contains most of the flavor.

      "We had a good spring; lots of flowers and no frost to freeze them early. That's always a concern, and then we've had good rain for the growing season so far," said Jim Ferris, Unit Manager of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Forest Division in Gwinn.

      The D.N.R. says if you want to pick berries, areas with sandy soils and open fields or forest openings are good places to look.