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      Wild U.P. edibles

      T he next time you are out trudging through the woods, ditch the trail mix.

      V iewer Jen Bee wrote on our Facebook page: "There are so many edible wild plants, not even counting berries, mushrooms, and fruit trees."

      "R ight now is somewhat of a transition season, between the cold season of spring and the warm season of summer," said Michael Hainstock, owner of Badger Creek Farm in Marquette Township. "Right now most of what you'll see out are greens."

      M any of these greens and flowers can be found in your own backyard, sorrel, and day lillies. Certain mints, such as pineapple mint, can be a refreshing pick for a cup of tea, according to Hainstock.

      H ainstock has made it his career to live off the land and provide his local community with fresh eats.

      B efore you start pulling things from the ground, it is important to know what exactly it is before you eat it.

      "You definitely don't want to walk out in your yard and start picking things up and start eating them," Hainstock said. "You have to be very certain of what you're eating. Either talk to someone who's experienced or get a really good identification book."