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      Will a frozen Lake Superior keep temperatures cool this summer?

      The ice on Lake Superior isn't going away anytime in the near future. So will it play a factor in temperatures this summer?

      The ice will have a small effect on temperatures early this summer. However, the affected areas will be right along the lakeshore. As you get away from the lakeshore, the cooling effect will diminish.

      "The lake breezes that come onshore everyday will maybe exaggerate a little bit more than usual with a push of even colder air than what we're used to seeing. We'll probably see some larger temperature variations from say the folks who live in Ishpeming and Negaunee to what the temperatures are in downtown Marquette," said Matt Zika of the National Weather Service in Marquette.

      Even without the effects from the lake, May is expecting to see temperatures that are cooler than average. There is also the potential to see some ice into June, similar to what happened in the mid 1990's.