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      Will Escanaba Township ice racing continue?

      The verdict is in for the controversial ice track in Escanaba Township. Monday's hearing in Delta County Circuit Court concluded on Wednesday, and the races will go on.

      Judge Stephen Davis did set a pretrial conference for February 9 so that a final hearing can be set within six months.

      The ice track has been under fire from Escanaba Township officials who say the Barron family never applied for a site plan. But according to the Barrons, they were told multiple times they didn't need one otherwise they would've applied for one.

      The other hot button issue is the noise from the ATVs and motorcycles.

      "There has been no showing that this activity in its commercially-zoned area has produced noise in excess of 80 decibels as read from a properly calibrated level sound meter as defined by the noise ordinance," said Judge Davis.

      Two races have been held so far, and the races are run by the Wells Lions Club.

      Saturday races run through March 17.