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      Will Marquette students have a shorter summer?

      The upcoming summer is getting shorter for students in the Upper Peninsula's largest school district. Monday's snow day was the ninth day of cancelled classes for the Marquette Area Public Schools this school year.

      The Michigan Department of Education allows schools to cancel up to six days for "conditions not in the control of school authorities," such as bad weather, power outages or health epidemics. As of right now, students will be going to school for three extra days.

      Wednesday, June 5 was scheduled to be the last school day for Marquette students. Now the final day is planned for Monday, June 10. It will be a half day for all students in the district.

      The calendar could be extended more if schools close again in March. State policy does not require any school days cancelled in April, May or June to be made up this year.

      The last time MAPS had to extend the school year by adding a day was 2008-09.