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      Will MGH sale be good for area?

      Some Marquette area businesses and organizations are giving two thumbs up to Marquette General's decision to sell to Duke-Lifepoint. It's projected the community will receive an economic boost from the construction of new facilities and the municipal tax payments that will come from Lifepoint, a for-profit organization. Lifepoint has successfully managed 54 community-based hospitals across the country. A few local business leaders say they've taken a deeper look into how those other communities are performing and say it seems the future looks bright for Marquette.

      "They have expanded facilities, which will bring construction jobs; other types of employment to the area, which is a huge benefit; and increased level of of care, different types of services offered," said Medi Ride EMS CEO, Dave Guizetti. "Anytime you bring someone like Duke-Lifepoint to take a second look at your community, say 'Hey, this where we want to be.' I think we've (the community) done something right," added Amy Clickner, CEO of the Lake Superior Community Partnership.

      Marquette General and Duke-Lifepoint expect to reach a definitive agreement on the sale of the hospital in the next two to four months.