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      Will new trucks lead to new jobs in Delta County?

      Thirty-five to 50 new employees...that is what Delfab, a manufacturing company, expects to hire within a six month period."Employ people, that's the key thing. We're looking at a new product that's different than what's out there today that will not only benefit our customers, but also put people to work," said Craig Westlund, President of Delfab.Delfab said the new Armour Crouching Truck is an auto recovery vehicle that features a tilt bed, with the lowest angle on the market. The cutting edge technology is quicker and requires less repairs."We are licensed to manufacture and market the product you see behind us all over the United States. And anywhere we do market this product, we will manufacture them here and market them throughout the United States. We plan on putting a lot of people to work at this point," explained Duane French, Marketing Director.The Armour Crouching Truck is currently being sold for an average of $25,000 in the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin. Sales will soon expand nationally and to Canada.