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      Will the power plant sell or retire?

      Recently, the community voted in support of retiring the Escanaba Power Plant. However, the city is not planning on taking action for a while.

      They said, as long as The Midcontinent Independent System Operator, known as MISO, continues to cover the vast majority of their operating costs, there is no urgency to shut down the plant.

      For the past two years the city has been working with a potential buyer. They are still hoping this agreement with go through. With the continued support of MISO, the city is willing to wait on the buyer for a while longer.

      ??There??s no deadline,?? said Escanaba electric superintendent Mike Furmanski. ??The other night they informed us they??re the next project in line for their lender. They just said hopefully it happens soon.??

      If the power plant sells 18 jobs will be saved and more will be created.