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      Will we have a summer?

      The wet and cool spring has led many people to question what kind of summer is on the horizon. Will it ever get warm, or will we completely miss the summer? The spring weather was the topic of conversation over lunch at the Negaunee Senior Center recently.

      "I've never seen it so cold so long, and I've been here all my life," said Mickey Tassone, a Negaunee resident.

      The National Weather Service in Neguanee Township keeps tabs of weather trends. NWS Metorologist Matt Zika explained the spring temperatures.

      "Well, there's no doubt we're coming out of our spring season now, heading into summer," said Zika. "And our spring, when we added up all the numbers, we actually ended up with our fifth coldest spring we've had on record."

      It's true. May marked the fourth straight month with below average temperatures and the sixth month with above average precipitation. The climate prediction center's most recent summer outlook shows an equal chance of temperatures above, below or right around average.

      Everyone keeps talking about how warm last summer was, but Zika reminds us that a cold summer isn't a distant memory either.

      "2009 was, I think, our fifth coldest summer we've had on record," he said. "And so we've gone several years now where we've been very warm during the summer season."

      Maybe we should all be like Negaunee resident Annette Jachimski and appreciate what we haven't been getting.

      "At my age, there's not a thing you can do about the weather, and I'm happy I live here," said Jachimski. "We don't have the floods and tornadoes like they have in Oklahoma and Missouri. So I'm very content. I've lived here all my life and I'm very happy."

      You can't necessarily use the spring weather to predict for the summer. Two of the top ten coldest springs turned out to be in the top ten warmest summers. However, two of the top ten coldest springs also turned out to be among the top ten coldest summers.

      Jachimski said she is not worried about the upcoming months.

      "You've always got a few days of summer. The sun does shine and I don't like it very hot anyway," she added.