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      Wind farm oil spill causes uproar

      An oil leak at the Heritage Garden Wind Farm in Garden caused an uproar recently.

      The oil leaked was a spray from a cell under one of the turbines. Heritage Garden Wind Farm says the leak was less than 20 gallons. Any leak under 55 gallons does not have to be reported to the Department of Environmental Quality.

      "A small spill had occurred as a result of a line, return line going back to the main gear box on the generator located 300 feet above us," said Heritage Garden Site Manager Robert Powell.

      The leak was discovered during routine maintenance of the turbine. The material safety data sheet states the oil is not harmful to the eyes or skin, and it is not harmful if ingested or inhaled.

      However, the wind farm called U.P. Environmental in Bark River to contain and clean the spill site. Township Supervisor, Ray Young, informed the wind farm to report any oil leak, even if less than the DEQ's reporting requirement.