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      Windows XP users may need to buy a new computer

      Microsoft officially pulled the plug on one of its most popular operating systems, Windows XP, on April 8th. For those who still use the XP operating system, that means it could be time to search for a new computer.

      Although Microsoft tends to keep its operating systems on a ten-year cycle, Windows XP was so popular in households and businesses that it stuck around over its ten-year limit until now.

      Up and Running Technology Solutions owner, Matt Thyer, said hardware changes over the years is one of the causes.

      â??With Windows XP being almost ten years old, most businesses have gone through at least two pieces of hardware for their computers,â?? he said. â??So, Microsoft likes to keep all their other applications up to date, and in turn, Windows XP being out of date just needs to be upgraded to be compatible with all the new hardware and new programs.â??

      Not only will XP lose its consistent updates for bug fixes and program alterations, it will lose its security support as well, putting your computer at risk of viruses.

      â??Within the next coming months, hackers are going to find those problems in the operating system, and it's just going to be a matter of time for them to exploit those, and then your computer is going to become a big risk,â?? said Thyer.

      The newest operating systems, Windows 7 and Windows 8, are already in use on many new computers.

      According to Ed Glowacki of Summit Computers, though itâ??s possible to upgrade your computer to fit the Windows 7 or 8 systems, it may not be the best financial decision.

      â??Between purchasing Windows 7 or Windows 8, having somebody install that for you, often you need to reinstall your programs or transfer data over, it can be into the several hundreds of dollars very, very quickly,â?? he explained.

      There's also no guarantee your computer will support the upgrade.

      In the end, it may be a temporary hassle, but for the security risks involved, the experts say it might just be time to look at buying a new computer.