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      Winner in 3D printer contest designs vaccination record system

      A student from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada designed a system of keeping immunization records with a 3D printer to win Michigan Tech's 3D Printers for Peace contest.

      John Van Tuyl's design, called VaxBeads, is a necklace that allows hospitals in developing countries keep track of the vaccinations children have and haven't received.

      The contest judges at Michigan Tech said the entry won because it was a viable design and was something unique. The winner is receiving an Open-Source Series 1 3D printer. The contest judges said they are happy with the creativity and ingenuity of all the entries.

      â??What Iâ??m hoping this does is change the conversation to start really thinking about the constructive uses of 3D printers, not just on manufacturing, but trying to solve some of the most pressing problems, particularly in the developing world,â?? said associate professor of materials science and contest creator, Joshua Pearce. â??I think the entries in the contest really demonstrated that: that we can attack problems and using this new technology in ways that we never could before.â??

      The second place entry designed a solar-powered water purification cone, and the third place entry designed a tablet for writing messages in Braille.