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      Winning lottery ticket sold in Manistique

      Someone lucky is sitting on an extra $3.38 million right now. Wednesday night at 6:35 p.m. a $5 wager was placed for Lotto 47, and all six numbers matched.

      According to the Michigan Lottery officials, the winner can collect the full amount using a 30-year annuity, getting $130,000 a year. Otherwise, they can collect a $2.1 million cash option.

      The ticket was purchased at Manistique's Lakeshore Oil Company Shell station. Once the winning ticket is redeemed, the company will receive a commission of $5,000.

      The company is happy a winning ticket was sold in the Upper Peninsula

      "We were all very excited to hear that it was a local winner," says the Shell station's assistant manager Jeanne Schomaker. "We hope that they keep bringing their business here and keep it local and we're very excited for them"

      The Michigan Lottery Office says they have been contacted by the person who claims to have the winning ticket. He or she will be in Lansing on Tuesday afternoon.Lottery officials say until the winning ticket is verified, they can't say anything else. Under state lottery guidelines, the winner could choose to remain anonymous. However, if you win the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpots, you will be identified.