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      Winter Carnival begins

      Wednesday's the day that Michigan Tech students look forward to all school year...the start of Winter Carnival.

      I went around campus hoping to find the secrets to building an award-winning statue.

      Besides having cold temperatures and lots of snow, one of the most important factors is having a dedicated team.

      "What makes a good statue is having the manpower to do it; a lot of people willing to put in a lot of time over the whole month to get a good statue. We've been working on this for a month, and that's more than most of the assignments I've done or anything I've ever done at this school, so I really want to see this statue judged well," said Michigan Tech student, Bryan Rocheleau.

      They start by putting water on the snow, making it easier to pack. Once the snow is packed in, groups often use an iron to give the statue a glossy finish.

      Having the right "carving utensils" is essential in the whole building process. And having some creative helpers on your team goes a long way.

      "We have our artistic guy. He sketches it out, and then everyone else can come in and carve it out where he drew it. So that's kind of nice to have everybody be able to do something. I couldn't make this guy look the way he looks right now, but we have people who can, so that's really awesome," said Michigan Tech student, Liz Nigro.

      Some of the builders have been working for a whole month on their statues and other groups are saving it all for tonight before Thursday's judging.