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      Winter Carnival draws a crowd

      Crowds gathered to admire the work Michigan Tech students put into creating snow statues.

      "I can't quite imagine what it would be like to be staying up all night in the middle of the night, but I give these kids a lot of credit. They came up with a lot of really good ideas," said Kate Bromann.

      Carriage rides were also an option for people to see each sculpture. Although the winter carnival is a popular event for the community, many of those strolling around campus are families visiting their student.

      "I can't believe they could do all that," said Sandi. "The ice sculptures are just beautiful. Gorgeous. The sun hits them--sun shining and the crystals--they shine beautiful," said Rae. "You could actually tell what the characters are."

      This year's theme was Nostalgic Films of Childhood Days Come to Life in Frosty Ways. Mickey and Minnie, Polar Express and the Lion King seemed to be crowd pleasers.

      "I think my favorite statue so far was the Lion King one where Simba was being held by the monkey," said Tyler Proctor.

      Some stopped to snap pictures of the sculptures. Others tried to see if all 101 Dalmatians were made.

      "We just love the 101 Dalmatians and all the energy it must have taken to put it together. It was sweet," said Len Pivoris.