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      Winter Carnival events begin to take shape

      The 2012 Winter Carnival activities at Michigan Tech University are in the beginning stages.

      Those big blocks of snow haven't taken shape yet, but students have been preparing for their month-long statues since January 9.

      In a matter of weeks, the snow blocks will be turned into creative statues. This year's theme is From All Over the State, What Makes Michigan Great.

      Students say everything started off a little slow with the low amounts of snow, but the fluffy white stuff is finally here and the fun can now begin.

      "So far people are pretty pumped for Winter Carnival," said Blue Key President Sarah Zimmerman. "It's obviously a very big event in this area, and we get a lot of alumni commenting and asking questions and coming up for Winter Carnival."

      Winter Carnival is broken up into four main events including the statues, the queen's coronation, stage review, and special events. Some of those special events will include broom ball, curling, downhill skiing and snowboarding.

      The events kick off January 29.