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      Winter carnival statues holding up despite slush

      Students from Michigan Tech are spending their evenings building snow statues. With the recent warm temperatures, many of the statues are having a hard time holding up. They consist more of slush than snow.

      The Phi Kappa Tau fraternity is taking it all in stride, and they're working on the final details of the surrounding walls. The team isn't giving away any clues as to what their enormous statue is going to be, but they have been the reigning champions for the past four years, and they're looking to keep it that way.

      Even though winning is important, they also said there's another reason why they enjoy putting in all that hard work.

      "A big reason we do it is also for our community because we're out here every night until 2 a.m., and we get cars driving by every day honking their horns and waving to us," said Scott Desotell, statue chair. "People we don't know, but every year they've seen statues out here and they always love coming to them."

      The statue judging will take place next Thursday morning.