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      Winter Carnival underway in Houghton

      â??Nostalgic films of childhood days come to life in frosty ways.â?? Thatâ??s the theme this year for Michigan Techâ??s popular community event, Winter Carnival.

      â??It brings everybody together,â?? said Tau Kappa Epsilon brother, Cory Calkins. â??The college, the community kind of coexist throughout that weekend.â??

      More than a dozen fraternities, sororities, and campus organizations will compete to build the biggest and best statue.

      Though last year many groups struggled with the build because of the lack of snow, this year, theyâ??re rejoicing.

      â??We have a great start. Itâ??s cold, itâ??s perfect,â?? Calkins explained. â??We can get out there and build right away. Itâ??s perfect conditions; thereâ??s new snow everyday. Itâ??s great for statue building.â??

      â??Since we have all this snow, we are hoping that they wonâ??t have to spend so much time finding the snow as well, and then they can spend more time on the detail and making it large and grandiose like we can remember it always has been,â?? added Blue Key President, Jack Lubinski.

      The classic all-nighter and month long builds will be accompanied by a new category this year of interactive statues, like last yearâ??s icy putt-putt golf course.

      â??There were certain groups on campus that werenâ??t being recognized for what they were doing, and we award them in a different way,â?? Lubinski said. â??They get money for what theyâ??ve done to donate to a charitable organization that is local.â??

      Students can be seen working on their statues on campus just about every evening. And if youâ??re wondering what theyâ??re building, thatâ??s a secret youâ??ll have to wait until Carnival to find out.

      â??We should be able to see some creative statues, especially because the conditions are so good. Itâ??s going to be a good year for statues,â?? Calkins added.

      For a full schedule of Winter Carnival events, click here .