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      Winter conditions cause massive pileup in Delta County

      UPDATE: Around 10 a.m. Friday, emergency crews responded to a 16-vehicle crash on US-2 near Garden Corners in Delta County.

      Three tractor-trailers and 13 vehicles were involved in the crash.

      Part of the crash occurred when an eastbound van rear-ended a tractor-trailer and spun out into the the opposite lane.

      The van was then hit by another eastbound vehicle.

      While the people in the van were trying to get out of the vehicle, the van was hit by another eastbound tractor-trailer.

      The force caused the occupants to be thrown into the air, causing them to all sustain injuries.

      Other eastbound vehicles proceeded to crash into the vehicles in the lane of travel, and others slid into the snowbank to avoid collision.

      In the opposite lane at the same time, three westbound trucks were stopped on the highway.

      A westbound tractor-trailer crashed into the last truck, pushing it into the snowbank.

      Then, it hit the second truck in line and pushed it into the first truck.

      Traffic was rerouted while the scene of the crash was cleared.

      At least seven people were treated for injuries at OSF St. Francis, Schoolcraft Memorial, and Marquette General Hospitals.

      Some injuries were severe, but none were life-threatening.

      US-2 was closed for about six hours while the scene was cleared.

      Officials say poor visibility and road conditions due to winter weather contributed to the crash.

      Michigan State Police released a statement, saying, "The Michigan State Police would like to express their appreciation for the many volunteers and workers at the scene who performed admirably under extremely harsh conditions."