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      Winter freeze caused over $19 million in U.P. damages

      Tuesday night the Marquette County Board of Commissioners was notified of the total amount of damages done from our disasterous winter.

      Marquette County alone has racked up $6,565,400 worth of damages caused by the deep freeze.

      This includes road damages, water main breaks, sewer and hydrant freezes, and other repairs.

      The entire Upper Peninsula plus three counties from the northern Lower Peninsula total $19,296,962 in damages.

      Right now, the Departments of Public Works around the U.P. are working hard to make as many repairs as possible, as soon as possible.

      "Be patient, work with the DPW's, they're doing the best they can and as fast as they can to get a lot of the roads and the mains and everything repaired and fixed. So it just takes a lot of patience because they're working the best they can with what they have and they've been working around the clock," said Teresa Schwalbach, Emergency Management Coordinator for Marquette County.

      For now, the state Emergency Management and Homeland Security are working with FEMA out of Chicago to develop a plan on needs to be done next for a preliminary damage assessment.

      Repairs are being kept and calculated for possible future reimbursement.