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      Winter fun at Winterfest

      Hundreds of families flooded to Keyes Peak in Florence Saturday for the annual Winterfest.

      It's a day of family-friendly activities across the ski hill. A large group of volunteers spare their time to help set up and run Winterfest games. There were snowshoe hikes and potato races along with some skiing, but Patricia Johnson of Kingsford, her husband, and stepchildren decided to go tubing. This was their first time to Winterfest.

      "Oh it was great. The weather is perfect. It was really thrilling to go up the rope run. We never did that before, so with the tube and just laying on the ropes, it was really fast and it was fun. The kids loved it," said Johnson.

      "It was really freaky, but it was freaky fun. I liked it. It was scary," said Kayla Loar, Johnson's stepdaughter.

      Johnson and her family plan to come back again next year.