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      Winter reminders for U.S. Postal Service customers

      As snow banks pile up, the United States Postal Service has some reminders for customers. The post office asks residents to shovel off their sidewalks, porches, and any other approaches to mailboxes.

      It is for the safety of mail carriers and to ensure timely and efficient service. For customers on motor routes, carriers should be able to drive up to and away from a mailbox without having to get out of their vehicle.

      "The blue collection boxes that people may notice on the street, if they're in front of a business and/or your house, we also ask the public if they can help us keep those clear as well, because that's for the public's use as well as the carriers picking up their mail," said M. Patrick Frye, the Ishpeming Postmaster.

      Frye said if a carrier can't get to a box, they could curtail service as a last resort. He said carriers are lenient during snowstorms, but after the snow stops falling, they hope customers clear a path as soon as possible.