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      Winter Running: Tips to keep your footing

      Professional runner Tracy Lokken is running 120 miles a week to train for the Boston Marathon.

      If you're wondering how he keeps warm, even while running out in the deep freeze, Lokken says it's all in the layers.

      "You really want to cover your skin," stressed the professional runner. "It's really important you do that."

      "Have a mask, make sure your ears are covered, and things like that," he added.

      Lokken recommends good quality clothing, mittens, masks and Vaseline for exposed body parts.

      When winter hits, warmth isn't the only concern

      "You don't want to slip and fall and hurt yourself," Lokken stated.

      John Thomsen, owner of Johnson??s Superior Shoes, said runners need to "buy shoes for traction."

      "And buy shoes that have Gortex so that you're waterproof," added Thomsen.