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      Winter storm makes for busy plow drivers and causes school closings

      Heavy snow has bombarded areas like Marquette County for more than a day. More than eight inches have been reported in Negaunee and over ten in Ishpeming with lake effect snow still falling.

      Many residents spent their mornings shoveling and snow blowing. Of course, anyone with a plow attached to their vehicle made full use of it. There was certainly no shortage of the white stuff to be cleared.

      Though there were a few intermittent periods of sunshine Friday afternoon, they didn't last long. Snow plow drivers for the Marquette County Road Commission have definitely had their hands full trying to keep up.

      "Yesterday they worked full 12-hour shifts, both on day and night shifts," says Jim Iwanicki, Engineer Manager for the MCRC. "And we're expecting both day and night shifts to be working 12 hours again today and then probably into tomorrow as well."

      Heavy snow and strong winds in excess of 30 miles per hour with gusts over 40 made low visibility on the roads a serious concern. In response, school closings were not an uncommon sight.

      Westwood High School is only one of several that have decided to close their doors today, preferring to play it safe rather than risk students and faculty on dangerous roads, but after a few days of cleaning up and a reprieve from the heavy snow, schools should be open again in time for Monday.