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      Winter storm sets its eyes on the U.P.

      Sunday's winter storm is still on the way. The real snowfall should begin late in the afternoon along Wisconsin, but since highs today (Sunday) will be into the mid 30s due to a persistent south wind, the precipitation may fall as sleet or even rain at times.

      The greatest chance for non-snow precip is in the late afternoon and early evening in the eastern and central counties of Upper Michigan, especially near Lake Michigan. The western third of the U.P. should experience all snow and should, therefore, have the highest snow totals.

      Most of the U.P. falls in the 2"-4" range through Sunday night, but the western U.P. is more likely to see 4"-7" or even more in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Some lingering light snow is likely to continue Monday morning as the system moves away, but Monday's snow should be mainly a lake effect event. The north and northwest wind snow belts should see another few inches before it clear away on Tuesday morning. The heaviest snow will be Sunday night.

      The National Weather Service has issued Winter Weather Advisories for the entire Upper Peninsula. The snow totals aren't huge by U.P. standards, but this will fall as a heavy, wet snow due to warm temperatures and ample moisture from the south. Breezy conditions and patchy fog, along with the sleet or rain, will make for dangerous driving conditions at times. Give yourself a little extra time on the roads for Monday morning to be safe!

      As for other conditions, Sunday's lows will be mild in the upper 20s. The northwest wind won't cool things down much for Monday. Monday's highs will still be around 30. Temperatures should remain above average through Thursday. The next significant snowfall is likely Thursday night into Friday.

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