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      Winter storm wrap up

      The U.P. was hit with a two-layered winter storm. First came the ice, and then a thick, wet blanket of snow. It forced school districts, mainly in the central U.P., to cancel classes...cancellation after cancellation.

      That's what students were seeing Monday as the snowstorm dumped up to eight inches in some areas across the U.P.

      From day care centers to NMU to elementary schools, classes were cancelled.

      "Well, it's kind of a mixed bag. Sometimes you're really happy for a snow day because then you can go out and make snow angels and things like that, but sometimes you think, oh dear, it's a snow day," said Marquette resident, Eli Brooks.

      Road crews started at 5 a.m., clearing streets, starting with state highways due to their heavier traffic flow, then they moved on to smaller back roads.

      Plowing schedules differ at the Marquette County Road Commission garages, but in Ishpeming, crews are working around the clock.

      "When it comes this fast, you can't keep up until it stops, and then we'll start clearing the roads, but it looks like it's starting to slow down here in the afternoon. We'll have a full night shift here in Ishpeming district. By tomorrow at this time, everyone should be up and running again," said Director of Operations and Maintenance at Marquette County Road Commission, Michael Harrington.

      Part of the problem Monday--the snow was wet and heavy, and it fell fast. And before the snow arrived, there were a few hours of freezing rain, which left a layer of ice underneath the snow.

      Those driving the plows have a bit of advice for drivers: "If they didn't stay home...slow down," Harrington said.