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      Wisconsin firearm season kicks off

      The 2011 firearm hunting season kicked off at dawn Saturday in Wisconsin.

      The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says there are about 600,000 licensed hunters expected to participate in the state. They say the early bird catches the worm; that was the case Saturday for a few lucky Wisconsin hunters.

      Dean Jensen wasn't even out a full hour when he bagged his eight-point buck.

      "That's better than usual," says Jensen. "You're out there a couple days and you usually only see a few deer."

      His story wasn't unique.

      "We had a group come in, all three shot a deer," says DNR wildlife technician Anna Jahns. "At 10:30 a.m. they had them dressed, out of the woods here to register. They were definitely happy with twat they had seen."

      The biggest brought in? An 11 pointer.

      But, that doesn't necessarily mean hunters are seeing more deer.

      Although Mitch Weyer bagged a 10-point buck, his highest, he says there wasn't much out there.

      "Slim pickings, that's for sure," said Weyer.

      That may be keeping some away from the sport. The DNR says hunter traffic Saturday morning did get to a slow start.

      There aren't a lot of changes for northern Wisconsin hunters this season, apart from new legislation that they can now carry unloaded, uncased guns in their vehicles.

      With day one under their belts, the DNR says the winter weather may bring in more happy hunters Sunday.

      "Light snow, that could be helpful; it makes it easier for tracking deer," Jahns says. "It could also help when you're trying to set up in the morning or for following the blood trail."

      The season ends Sunday, November 27.