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      Wisconsin Public Service 4th Annual Energy Challenge

      Wisconsin Public Service announced Monday that they are again holding their annual WPS Energy Challenge.

      WPS will be selecting up to 15 non-profit community organizations to earn up to $1,500 for their efforts in energy conservation. This includes saving energy at members' homes and assisting community member in weatherizing their homes. The deadline for applications is August 22. Participating organizations from the WPS service area will undergo a qualifying process and be notified by September 3.

      WPS states that in order to receive the grant, organizations must complete four energy-related tasks. They must install ten home weatherization kits provided by WPS in ten residences in their community. Organizations must also track members' energy awareness efforts and have ten organization members pledge to reduce electric energy consumption during the two months of the challenge. Finally, the organization must enroll ten customers for WPS energy related programs or Focus on Energy programs.

      WPS will analyze the results in December, and the top three organizations which complete the challenges and save the most energy will receive a $1,500 grant. The twelve other competing organizations that complete the challenge will receive a grant of up to $1,000.

      For more information about the WPS Energy Challenge, as well as the application form, visit the WPS website.