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      Witnesses in tears during murder trial

      On Thursday, court focused on character witnesses who were acquainted with defendant David Levack and victim Joyce Johnson.

      Some had tears when discussing their friendship with Johnson saying she was a loving and caring friend...someone they could trust.

      One of her good friends, Miriam Madsen, mentioned Johnson was excited to finally have her day in court with Levack. She was ready to testify against him in the stolen property trial. When news broke that morning in the courtroom that she was deceased, Miriam can still remember Levack's face, which she described as emotionless.

      â??He never turned around, never showed any interest. It was almost no reaction at all. Like he was just stone...made out of stone,â?? says Madsen.

      The prosecutor questioned witnesses about Levack and whether he had any hobbies. Wednesday, witness Michael Stachovitz testified that he discovered David Levack on his property, which is just north of Johnson's home, two days prior to her body being found. Levack told him he had a bet with a friend to get a picture of a woodpecker. When asked about Levack's hobbies on Thursday, none of the witnesses seemed to mention anything about bird watching.

      Joanne Erickson, Levack's ex-girlfriend and close friend of Johnson, was the only person to say something about Levack and woodpeckers...he shoots them with a pellet gun.

      Joanne also testified that Levack showed no emotion when he learned about Johnson's death.

      The trial is expected to last another week, and Levack faces life in prison if convicted.