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      Wolf attack in Iron County

      Wolf attacks are generally few and far between, but one of the first documented cases has come from Iron County.

      The Department of Natural Resources and Environment confirmed Tuesday that they believe wolves are responsible for the death of two beagles. The incident happened just north of Amasa nearly two weeks ago when seven local hunters were rabbit hunting with their five beagles. Two of the dogs went missing, and their remains were later found by the hunters. Wolf tracks were also found in the area. This is the first documented wolf attack in Iron County so far this year.

      "It isn't a big, big problem. We've had few of these things, but just enough to know that it's always on the back of the mind. It certainly is on the back of the mind of hunters that hunt around here. They know the wolves are out there, and they see their tracks," said DNRE Wildlife Biologist, Monica Joseph.

      The DNRE supports delisting the gray wolf and managing the population.